Ian Latham, via email

Your review of the Tesla P90D was flawed.

Iím not arguing the outcome, but the article was full of qualifiers. Iím sure that Audi RS7 Performance drivers may intend using it as a track-day car, but at this price point theyíre likely to have a more focused second (or third) car. The same could be said for Tesla owners who are also secret petrolheads. And running the Tesla with only 52 per cent charge? You might as well run the Audi on 95 RON fuel.

Take away that spurious track day and whilst youíve tested two expensive and very desirable cars theyíre not true competitors, or that competitive. Yes, the Tesla has range issues but how many journeys in a month will actually get even close to draining the battery compared to the daily commute done silently and without going to a servo ever again? And the Audi is for diehard fans if you canít justify an R8. It will be interesting to see what percentage of RS7 buyers trade in an Audi; I suspect itís a majority.

Yes, dubious track-day cars, but the Audi at least could inspire, and complete, a circuit blast with enough juice to return home. The only way the P90D could have been tested with higher charge was if we stayed the night at Heathcote prior to testing at the Dragway. And youíre right, few Teslas would do anything but the commute, but then, thatís the point weíre trying to make. If itís simply an eco-friendly transport solution, thereís not much point in paying a premium for 2.9sec 0-100km/h sprints.