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December 2016 Fast car sales

Demons, duds & debutants

December 2016 Fast car sales

YOU KNOW itís been an odd year when Fordís Mustang outsells its Falcon sedan by 1774 units and the yearís best seller is a ute (Toyota Hilux on 42,104). Meanwhile, Holdenís Commodore was bumped from the nationís top-three selling cars to finish sixth overall. And in 2016ís last month alone, Fordís Mustang easily finished on top for yearly growth, as Morgan languished in last place again.

Top ten movers

CAR NOV DEC YTD YTD +/- Ford Mustang 389 614 6208 >999% BMW 7 Series 9 49 293 215% Caterham 0 0 3 200% BMW Z4 21 6 194 199% Jaguar XE 14 129 1524 163% McLaren 4 30 93 158% Mercedes-AMG GT S 16 5 144 148% Audi R8 9 15 94 124% Merc C-Class coupe/con.323 374 2524 79% Mazda MX-5 103 187 1577 72%

Top ten losers

CAR NOV DEC YTD YTD +/- Morgan 0 0 5 -76% Lotus Elise 1 0 8 -64% Alfa Romeo 4C 2 2 68 -54% Bentley sedan 2 4 26 -54% Citroen DS3 1 0 33 -54% BMW 2 Series 45 28 896 -49% Chrysler 300 34 27 460 -48% BMW i8 1 2 32 -48% BMW 5 Series 43 31 545 -48% Subaru BRZ 3 82 331 -46%

the HEAT



CATERHAMíS burst back on to the charts to steal a top 10 spot. The brandís triple-figure YTD performance comes after 10 months of no figure at all, as Caterhamís sole sale in 2015 didnít arrive until November. By that time in 2016, though, it tripled that with three Sevens sold, which puts the company into our spotlight.


NO SURPRISE here, really.

BMWís packing up the current 5 Series to make way for its allnew, lightened successor. But while the new generation, codenamed G30, is due to arrive within months, there arenít any run-out specials on the current F10-gen car. So it wound down to 31 sales in December last year, a quarter of Mercedes E-Class sales.

2017 Coming soon


Audi S4

Comes with a new 260kW turbo six-pot.

Mazda MX-5 RF

Folding hardtop mite from Hiroshima.

Mercedes-AMG E43

AMG-lite V6 makes its way into new E-Class.

Nissan NISMO range

Frightening 441kW GT-R now locked in for a Feb arrival. Costing $299K.


BMW 5 Series

Planned to be lighter, faster, more comfortable.

BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition

Reborn GTS with new lick of paint available in limited numbers.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe

Range Rover Autobiography

Land Rover slips SVR engine into flagship SUV during 2017 range update.

Porsche Macan Turbo Performance Pack

Hotted up Macan scores more power and dynamic upgrades.

Porsche Panamera

All-new stretch sedan debuts for Stuttgart.

Al de

Later this year Audi RS3 Sedan

New alloy five-pot drops into four-door RS.

Audi TT RS

Flagship coupe arrives with hot alloy five-pot.

Audi R8 Spyder

Rag-top V10 rocket locks on to Ferrariís 488 Spider.

BMW M760Li XDrive

Firmís quasi-M7 arrives with twin-turbo V12.

Audi RS4

Porsche 911 GT2 RS

Combines GT3 RS chassis with Turbo S-beating power. Weíre sh*tting ourselves.


Due for 476kW LS9 from Stateside.

Honda Civic Type R

Hyundai i30 N

Hyundaiís first proper attempt at a hot hatch.

Lexus LC500 Lexus LC500 All-new Lexus flagship.

Mercedes-AMG E63 S

Drift-ready super sedan thunders in with allwheel drive and 430kW.

Mercedes-AMG GT C

Ainít no simple chop-top job. Steals a few bits from the GT R.

Tesla Model S P100D

Muskís shockingly quick (guffaw!) Model S lands with hi-po battery.