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MARCH 2017


Stinger Missile

Kia is set to answer Australia’s fast four-door with its 272kW twin-turbo rear-drive Stinger GT



The rumours were true – HSV has delivered the ultimate Aussie muscle car with the $170K, 474kW GTSR W1


Mad Bull

The new Lamborghini Huracan Performante uses cutting-edge active aero to deliver track-crushing pace


Brute Force

BMW’s shiny new M6 GT3 had its eyes on the Bathurst prize, but The Mountain had other ideas


Toyota 86 GTS

Have under the skin tweaks improved the 2017 86? Then again, it’s always been fond of a sideways step


War Wagons

Skoda Octavia RS230 and Subaru Levorg GT-S go boot to boot, but only one is worthy of true praise


Peugeot Sport

Winning Dakar doesn’t happen by chance. We take a look behind the scenes of this mammoth operation

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Lambo Aventador S Mazda MX-5 RF Alfa Romeo Giulia QV Aston Vanquish S VW Tiguan 162TSI BMW M140i


Ford’s 482kW GT is a Le Mans racer for the road


7 Ed’s Letter

Good on HSV for having the balls to build GTSR W1

8 The News

Mustangs galore, goodbye Commodore, new WRX STI

18 The Vent

They say opinions are like...

You’ve got one, so voice it here

114 Geek Speak

Hitting the kitchen to learn how to cook carbon brakes

116 Cool Kit

It’s not Christmas, but it never hurts to plan your list early

118 Garage

Louis takes the MX-5 for a skid, DC stretches the C43’s legs

122 New vs Used

Two German muscle cars offer lots of twin-turbo V8 fun

123 Chart Attack

Some win, some lose. The Ford Mustang was a winner in 2016

125 Columns

Next-gen Supercars, strange collections and frustrating ads

131 Hot Source

More facts and figures than you could ever dream of knowing

146 Final Nine

Beyonce’s got nothing on these y g g bootylicious behinds