Demon Inbound

More details surface on Dodge’s 550kW-plus drag-focused special


SOME CARS are made for the racetrack and others, like the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, are born for setting drag times faster than you can say its name. The US brand has created a drip-feed teaser campaign for its weight shedding, tyre-shredding version of the already mental Hellcat oldschool brute coupe.

Dodge is in the process of teasing the public its 15 mysterious Demon videos in the lead-up to the car’s New York motor show debut on April 14 – with clips dubbed ‘cage’, ‘reduction’, ‘body’ and ‘crate’ hinting at what’s in store.

But the limited edition was inadvertently leaked by actor Vin Diesel while thanking the cast of Fast and Furious 8 on video, where a duo of wide-body and bonnetscooped Challengers wearing drag tyres and Demon badging were positioned in the background.

We now also know the Challenger will be 90mm wider to fit 315mm-wide (up from piddly 275mm) drag-spec 18-inch Nitto NT05R tyres under its pumped front and rear guards – complete with the face of its evil spirit namesake printed on the sidewall.

This probably foretells the wetweather performance of this rearwheel drive coupe, which is 90kg lighter than the Hellcat on which it’s based, partially because there will be the option to ditch the rear seat and even front passenger seat. Call it the Trump era of greenification.

No word yet whether the 6.2-litre supercharged Hemi V8 will score a boost, but 527kW (707hp) and 881Nm is probably enough. Or not.

Rumour has it that a ‘00757’ build plaque shown in a teaser video represents 757hp – or 565kW.