SOME WILL always call the Toyota’s 86 a snail’s pace sports car, but at least changes have arrived for buyers who aren’t keen on the softer suspension tune of the latest model. For $414 plus dealer fitting, a TRD Lowering Spring Set claims to “offer a more aggressive stance as well as lower centre of gravity” while delivering a “more raw” driving experience and improved steering response. Toyota recommends splashing another $740 (plus fitting) for a TRD Sway Bar that “will help reduce bodyroll during hard cornering” because “by transferring the force from the outer to inner spring it ensures an equal compression during cornering.” Larger, black TRD 18-inch wheels complete the package, and are priciest by far coming in at $1760 for the four, plus tyres and fitting. Fear not if you own an older 86, the parts are compatible with all models. We hope to drive the package soon.