HONDA’S ancient 1.8-litre atmo in the current Civic could be considered a way of doing the time warp, but we would prefer buying this as-new Honda CR-X with just 8634km on the clock. Being a 1992 example that distance averages out to 345km per year, and the much-lauded 1.6-litre manual front-driver cost $29,990 new and can now be yours for $49,500. It might not be as quick as the forthcoming Civic Type-R that’s expected for the same coin, but according to the owner this red CR-X even comes with a “new car smell” having lived a life under a car cover.

Although it often played bridesmaid to the Mazda MX-5 in 1990s comparison tests, the Honda was a three-door hard-top with a back seat. Clearly old-but-new Hondas is a thing in recent times, however, with one dealership recording a new sale of an S2000 in November some eight years after the roadster was canned.