Pat Tung, via email

Loved the Bathurst 12 Hour. Finally, weíre seeing a return to good olí days of variety Ė Nissan, Bentley, Audi, Mercedes-AMG, Ferrari, BMW, Lamborghini. The only country thatís missing is Australia. What a shame, too, but itíd be hard to think what we could have adapted to GT3 regs. A ute, maybe? Stick those wings on a Maloo.

What Iíd like to see at Mount Panorama next year would be the Yanks. Daytonaís 24 Hour race might be awfully close to our 12 Hour, but to see those Corvettes, and hear those proper atmo V8s, would be special.

And maybe Honda, too, with its Ohio-built NSX. Bring it on.

The Corvette is certainly something special, Pat, though sadly neither it nor Fordís GT are eligible as they are GTE cars. The NSX definitely is, though!