Malcolm Webster, via email

In Germany, a past German luxury car manufacturer Borgward has been revived.

The original Borgward company ceased production in 1961. The new Borgward car company is a joint venture between the Borgward Family and the Chinese auto company Foton. The new Borgward cars – the BX5, BX6 and BX7 Luxury SUVs will be built in Germany and China.

In Australia, let’s revive a past car brand and create a new Aussie luxury car manufacturer – Summit. The original Summit was made in Sydney between 1923 to 1925 and they were a high-quality vehicle for their time. Maybe a new Australian Summit Motor company could be a joint venture as a consortium of Australian investors and Foton?

Given Foton is a joint owner of Borgward, if they were a joint partner of a new Summit Motor company, maybe a new Summit SUV could be built using the same platform and engines as the Borgward cars. Later on, there could be a Summit sedan, coupe, convertible and maybe a dual-cab with them being made in Australia and China.

As premium cars are extremely popular, a new Summit motor company could enjoy strong sales in Australia and around the world. If Foton were interested in being a joint-owner of a new Australian Summit motor company, the Summit could be in a Foton-Borgward-Summit automotive business coalition which could help its longterm future.