Andrew D, via email

Iíve been reading MOTOR since 1978 (thanks for all those years). But I need your help. Iíll be placing an order for a manual Holden VF II SS Redline in early March and would like to pose a few questions.

One, in America the Chevrolet ĎSSí version has a Ďshark finí antenna fitted whereas our Aussie ĎSSí has a screwed-on CB radio antenna. My question, can you guide me to a shop (in Melbourne) or a website to purchase a genuine receiving antenna fin?

Two, now Iím old school (to my knowledge), but I was wondering if CD players are in the base models and Calais, etc? Because in the Aussie SS you canít get it.

All you get is the USB Bluetooth technology.

I want to put a professionally-fitted stacker under the rear parcel shelf of the car. Or, is there an option for a USB CD drive? Can I do that or am I stuffing around? I can embrace the new technology, but sometimes I want to play my old favourite CDs.

Three, I know that if I order HSV springs (for lowering) Iíll be paying a lot of coin. So Iíve been told to get King Springs yellow coils and have it lowered from 405mm to 370mm.

Apparently you have to measure from the centre of the wheel to the bottom of the guard-arch. Is that how itís done?

Basically I want the SS as low as an HSV.

Four, last question. I donít like getting Ďtinted windowsí when itís done by (for example) ĎThe Tint Professorí where itís a sheet of Ďtintingí done from the inside. Am I better off just getting the darkest tint that is done built into the glass? Itís to avoid future peeling or some sort of scratching down the life span of the car.

My reason for asking all these questions is itíll be my strict weekend car for (dry days) driving, and itíll be with me for at least 10 years, while Iím still young and able to change gears at my latter driving life.

Andrew, to answer your first question, best try Google. Two: no, CD players were removed for VF II. Three: yes, thatís a fine method of measuring ride height for comparative terms. Four: the obvious answer is yes, avoid film tints and opt for a window-dye if you donít want the tint eventually bubbling.