The W1 could prove just how great the Aussie performance sedan was

Frank Lecki, via email

So, HSVís building one final variant to rule them all. Itís gone nuts on the thing, too, by the looks of it. Corvette engine, track-ready shocks and super sticky tyres. You guys have published some times online after Luffy belted the GTS-R W1 around Winton and itís had me thinking.

At over three seconds faster than the old GTS with a 1:33.2, and then a second off the pace of a Mercedes-AMG GT, it also makes the GTS-R W1 a massive 4.4 seconds faster than the VF II SS Redline at BFYBís Winton test. Surely this is a record for a factory ĎCommodoreí.

Speaking of records, Holden punted its VF Redline Ute around the Nuburgring, so I wonder what itíd do there? Itíd be cool to see HSV try, as a final salute.

For a rough estimate, you could try calculate it in a very simple way. For instance, if the W1ís Winton lap is 0.7sec slower than the GT Sís 1:32.5, thatís only 0.75 per cent slower than the Mercedes.

Apply that difference to the AMGís Nurburgring laptime, which is a 7:35, and the W1 should be able to crack a 7:38.4 at the famous racetrack.

Thatíd be super impressive, and prove it faster than a couple supercars. Itíd also be a way to prove just how great the Aussie performance sedan was when it clocked off.

Sadly, thatís very unlikely to happen, as the cost involved is pretty hefty, however your maths is probably about on the money, Frank. Holden set an 8min19.47sec lap in a 260kW VF Redline ute in 2013, but perhaps a better yardstick is the 7min41sec lap set by the previous-generation Camaro ZL1, a car of very similar power and weight to the GTSR W1 and one which uses the same Zeta chassis platform.

The W1 could prove just how great the Aussie performance sedan was