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Need some Teutonic grunt in your life for circa $150K? Step this way

2013 BMW M6

4395cc V8, DOHC, 32v, twin-turbo 412kW @ 7000rpm 680Nm 1500rpm @ p 1850kg 4.2sec (claimed) $292,145 (new)

Mercedes-Benz C63 S coupe

3982cc V8, DOHC, 32v, twin-turbo 375kW @ 6250rpm 700Nm @ 1750rpm 1800kg 4.2sec (claimed) $162,400

By all accounts, too, the new twin-turbo unit matches the old 6.2-litre atmo V8 accounts

OWER IS addictive. And a budget of $150K yields a wide selection of ways to feed the habit.

You can score a HSV GTS with 430kW and $50K worth of change. Or, for less of a discount, Lexus’s RC F offers 351kW of high-tech atmo grunt.

However, if you prefer power in a more sophisticated package you should turn to Germany. Your mates at the pub might scoff at the smaller, turbocharged engines the big three are bolting together, but they won’t be so smug after hearing the sort of numbers these engines make.

Mercedes-AMG’s C63 S manages to extract 375kW and 700Nm from a measly 4.0-litre V8. And if you needed any indication there’s some headroom left, the similar engine in the incoming GT R makes 430kW.

By all accounts, the new twin-turbo unit matches the old 6.2-litre atmo V8 in all facets. You’ll need to creep above our P $150K budget to have one in the sleek coupe, which isn’t the prettiest body style around. Although as with most things, there’s an alternative to that in the classifieds.

BMW’s M6 is a looker and limbos under $150K thanks to the depreciation devil. We’ve found a 2013 example for $139,980, which is on the spectrum’s cheaper end, but shows how far it’s come from the original $300K price tag.

For that, though, you’re up 37kW on the C63 S and given an extra 400cc. Sure, it has 20Nm less, but we wouldn’t be surprised if BMW’s been conservative with the M6’s outputs, as its rolling acceleration is phenomenal.

The chassis isn’t as agile as the Merc’s, and with older M6s exiting their warranty periods about now, make sure you ask for a full and detailed logbook. However, the upside is that modifications are now kosher. We’d opt for a proper exhaust, too, because like we said, power’s addictive. M

PRICE $139,980

Here’s one we found on Trade Unique Cars

2013 BMW M6 31,991km, Competition Pack

THERE’S a BMW M6 in Singapore Grey at Lorbek Luxury Cars in Melbourne. Said to be fully optioned, it’s also been factory upgraded to 423kW and fitted with sports suspension and an exhaust system.