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Pony carís debut year overshadows Falcon exit

THE Ford Mustangís debut year on the Australian market has been a massive hit with punters. It seems the Blue Oval faithful have found a new, two-door American hero to latch on to with the demise of the venerable Falcon.

Ford Ranger aside, the íStang was the brandís highest-selling model with an impressive 6208 units sold for its first year on sale. Not bad for a car the company expected to shift just 1000 units of in that time. By comparison, only 4434 of the final, iconic Aussie sedans limped off the production line and into the driveways of the Falcon faithful.

Not only was the Mustang a standout within the Ford fold, it also eclipsed established rivals within the under-$80K Sports category. The likes of the Hyundai Veloster (2232), Toyota 86 (2068), Mazda MX-5 (1577) couldnít come close to toppling the popular Pony.

Demand has seven-todnít as a downside, though, and that comes via a se nine month wait for delivery of V8 GTs. Supply issues will hopefully be aided somewhat throughout 2017 with Ford Australia securing additional volume. It will also be interesting to see if the much publicised two-star ANCAP crash rating will have buyers galloping away in droves Ė we suspect probably not.

A significantly updated range for the 2018 model has already been previewed and should help sales continue on an upward curve. Revised styling, all-LED headlights, increased power, quad exhaust tips (V8), revised six-speed manual and a new 10-speed automatic, MagneRide dampers, upgraded interior as well as safety kit including lanekeep assist and pre-collision warning features.

Tickford-fettled Mustangs are now also available, with a significant increase in power outputs of both the EcoBoost and 5.0-litre V8 versions. Watch this space.

Will Mustang continue its success heading into its second year on sale?

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Top ten losers

CAR NOV DEC YTD YTD +/- Morgan 0 0 5 -76% Lotus Elise 1 0 8 -64% Alfa Romeo 4C 2 2 68 -54% Bentley sedan 2 4 26 -54% Citroen DS3 1 0 33 -54% BMW 2 Series 45 28 896 -49% Chrysler 300 34 27 460 -48% BMW i8 1 2 32 -48% BMW 5 Series 43 31 545 -48% Subaru BRZ 3 82 331 -46%

Top ten movers

CAR NOV DEC YTD YTD +/- Ford Mustang 389 614 6208 >999% BMW 7 Series 9 49 293 215% Caterham 0 0 3 200% BMW Z4 21 6 194 199% Jaguar XE 14 129 1524 163% McLaren 4 30 93 158% Mercedes-AMG GT S 16 5 144 148% Audi R8 9 15 94 124% Merc C-Class coupe/con. 323 374 2524 79% Mazda MX-5 103 187 1577 72%

Coming Soon 2017


BMW 5 Series To be lighter, faster, more comfortable.

BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition Reborn GTS; new paint and in limited numbers.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe No longer based on the C-Class platform.

Range Rover Autobiography Land Rover slips SVR engine into its flagship.

Porsche Macan Turbo Performance Pack Performance Pack More power and dynamic upgrades.

Porsche Panamera All-new stretch sedan debuts for Stuttgart.

Later this year

Audi RS3 Sedan New alloy five-pot drops into four-door RS.

Audi TT RS Flagship coupe arrives with hot alloy five-pot.

Audi RS4 Drops V8 grunt for Porscheís twin-turbo V6.

Audi R8 Spyder Rag-top V10 rocket.

BMW M760Li xDrive Firmís quasi-M7 arrives with twin-turbo V12.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso The bread van returns Porsche 911 GT2 RS Combines GT3 RS chassis with Turbo S-beating power.

HSV GTSR W1 Weíre hearing production commences April.

Honda Civic Type R Manic turbo front-driver arrives on Aussie shores.

Hyundai i30 N Hyundaiís first proper attempt at a hot hatch.

Kia Stinger GT Kia Stinger GT A rear-drive, twin-turbo V6 to get excited about.

Lexus LC500 All-new Lexus flagship.

Mercedes-AMG E63 S Drift-ready super sedan.

Mercedes-AMG GT C Steals a few GT R bits.

Tesla Model S P100D Gains hi-po battery.