The power. The passion.

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The power. The passion.


Ticked off

Tickfordís back, and getting stuck right into Fordís latest. We sample its new Mustang goodies package


Golf GTI 7.5

VWís making its benchmark even better with a host of improvements for its Golf


124 v MX-5 v BRZ

Three cut-price rear drivers clash in a battle of minute proportions


Bye, Bye Bernie

Formula Oneís long time figureheadís been chopped from his iconic role, whatís next?


Not an M7

The M760Li xDrive is a V12 rocketship and itís BMWís fastest accelerating car


Hatched Plan

Audi and BMW present two different takes on the Germanic hot hatch Ė we call the fight GT3 fi rst encounter


Nismo GT-R Bentley Supersports Porsche 911 GTS Audi S4 Ferrari Cali T HS Rangie Dynamic Maserati Levante Porsche Panamera Merc-AMG C63 S Cab * Privacy notice can be found on page 7

48 Three pedals, no turbos, and 368kW. This is the new GT3


7 Edís Letter

General Motors looks within to fi nd its next V8 hero for Aus

8 The News

Camaro ZL1 1LE detailed, all the fresh metal from Geneva

18 The Vent

You canít hurt our feelings, no matter how hard you try

24 Sweet Dream

BMW melds i with M to create an all-electric hot hatch

112 Geek Speak

Itís a Bernie-free F1 world, but thatís not the only change

114 Cool Kit

Need something to secretly Google at work? Try these out

118 Garage

Skoda love begins, C43 Merc settles in, MX-5 battles itself

122 New vs Used

Aussie muscle or Euro hot hatch? A unique Blue Oval fi ght

123 Chart Attack

M5 exits stage left Ė no doubt in a blaze of burning rubber

125 Columns

Odd car creations, not-sosubtle names, bosses do battle

131 Hot Source

Everything new or updated is here Ė no thank you required

146 Final Nine

MOTORís annual budget might not cover this bar tab