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Chevrolet Camaro is reportedly coming to Australia. But you’ll need to be patient

Dylan Campbell

SO YOU’RE sold – you want a new Chevrolet Camaro. Maybe your smug mate just bought a Ford Mustang, or maybe you missed your chance to order one of the last Aussie-built V8 Commodores. Either way, you’ve been reorganising all the boxes in the garage to create a Camaro-sized hole.

But not so fast with the credit card – there’s a catch. The right-hand drive, $60K Mustang-fighting Camaro is still an annoying number of years away from Australian showrooms. And yes, you can park our cover car – a 485kW face-biting Camaro ZL1 1LE – in your driveway, but not without some effort, and cost. About, err, $150K cost, perhaps more, as you’ll have to import the car and pay someone to move the steering wheel over. For many it will still be worth it as few cars look as tough and promise to vaporise rear rubber as wilfully as this car. It sounds like a bonafide feral animal.

But be in no doubt that cars like this are coming to Australia in an official capacity, and this is why we’re beating the Camaro drum. MOTOR’s intel is that both right-hand drive Camaro and Corvette are bound for Oz. The righthook Camaro has reportedly been covertly approved by General Motors HQ.

While Holden had apparently been internally lobbying its US masters for the rear-drive V8 muscle car, the fact Ford shifted 6000 ponycars in Oz, in one year, no doubt helped Holden’s case.

Sadly, the ship has sailed for the current-gen Camaro meaning the official, en-masse right-hook treatment wouldn’t be until the next generation due in 2021, where an EcoBoost-battling four-cylinder could join the V8. As for the C8 Corvette – mid-engine prototypes of which are now running around the States – it’s mooted as Holden’s promised “rear-drive V8 model by 2020”. It’s harder to see how the business case for this one might work but regardless, it seems a new era of blue versus red is igniting in Australia. Obviously nothing will ever replace Falcon versus Aussie-built Commodore, but a new rivalry is better than none at all. And ultimately it’s the punter that wins – so don’t go shifting those boxes in the garage back just yet.

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