Andrew McNeill, via email

I saw this link ďFord Mustang GT: Performance Car of the Year 2017 #11Ē and would like to know what magazine/blog has applied this label to the Mustang?

The Mustang was rejected by the Victoria Police assessment seeking a GT pursuit vehicle only for it to then receive a two-star ANCAP safety rating. Itís finish inside is crude and clearly built cheaply to a price.

I assume itís fake news from your media machine rather than a genuine test result.

Youíre being a bit harsh on the old Mustang here, Andrew. Its wellpublicised shortcomings in the Euro NCAP test only came to light well after PCOTY testing had taken place, though wouldnít have affected the carís place there anyhow. Itís a fine performance car, though its 11th placing reflects that it canít quite match the very best on offer.