Andrew Hibbard, via email

MOTOR, in my view, is Australia’s best magazine for all things motoring. MOTOR has its preferences, but regardless, delivers a balanced and impartial opinion. Warren Luff is a great asset to the MOTOR test team because he has a sixth sense us mere mortals cannot understand. I have seen Luffy hop into an unfamiliar, high-performance road/track-day car and in the first run, punt it around a track one to two seconds faster than another professional test driver.

However, I wish to draw you attention to your Hot Source Top 3 ‘Super Cars’. In the February 2017 edition of MOTOR, the Porsche Turbo S was crowned ‘Sports Car of the Year’. The Ferrari 488 GTB, deservedly so, was first as in the previous editions, but the Porsche Turbo S did not get a mention and the Ferrari 488 GTB, remained in the top spot even though it was the bridesmaid to the Porsche Turbo S. I put this out of date copy down to publishing limitations to produce the February edition.

I was disappointed to read in the March edition that again the Porsche Turbo S does not get a mention. At the very least the Porsche Turbo S should unseat the Porsche Turbo for ‘Coupes over $150K’. You may wish to argue that the Porsche Turbo S is not a supercar, because it is not exotic enough, however, your own test proves the contrary.

Can this please be rectified or explained.

Thanks for you glowing and constructive feedback, Andrew. You raise fair points, however Porsche definitely markets the 911 as a sports car, rather than a supercar in the ilk of the Ferrari 488, McLaren 650S, etc. Therefore, we’re comfortable with the 488 remaining atop our supercar rankings. Technically, you’re probably correct regarding the Turbo S supplanting the regular Turbo, however the ‘lesser’ car is in reality every bit as potent and more common than the range-topping S.