Justin Partridge, via email

ROUGHLY one year ago I wrote to you guys asking whether a track day would hurt my new (at the time) Fiesta ST.

Well, I finally got to Sydney Motorsport Park last week (I live on the Mid North Coast) and can tell you about what a fantastic time I had. I took your advice (and the instructorís) and didnít turn stability control off at any stage during the afternoon. Instead I focused more on driving smoothly. By the end of the day I could string a few reasonable laps together, for a beginner.

Saying this, at no stage did I feel comfortable at turn one. Itís a foreign concept turning a car into a corner so quickly! Another extremely enjoyable experience was following larger, higher horsepower cars, like Commodores and Falcons, in my beginners group through tighter sections of the track.

As per your advice every second or third lap I eased up to let the car cool and had no problems whatsoever at any stage during the afternoon. Or driving home four hours to Port Macquarie the next day.

I felt quite satisfied having finally used my humble little Fiesta ST for what it was designed for. Unfortunately, I wont be able to regularly do this for mostly financial (and geographical) reasons. Saying that, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and when finances permit I will be returning to a track in some capacity, life is too short not to! Thank you for your helpful advice last year, it contributed to me having a fun, incident-free day at the track.

Well done, Justin. Felt good, didnít it? We apologise for the tyres and brake pads youíll chew through at the future track days your Fiesta ST will front up to.