Rick Highman, via email

How the letter from Tom Newham in your July edition received Letter of the Month, is beyond me. Obviously this writer has never experienced the thrill of owning and collecting rare, valuable and appreciating motor vehicles.

I personally know the owner who features in your article, Lionís Den which starts on page 62 that same issue and to say this guy is selfish for not sharing his passion is completely false. He lost his father at an early age and has told my eldest son on more than one occasion heíd rather have his father than his fabulous collection of HSV cars.

Sure, he has the money to afford them, but he is also looking to the future as an incredible investment, much better than superannuation or shares, not to mention that every day, he can walk out into his garage and peruse the array of cars that make his life so enjoyable.

As for me, Iím happy just to build rare vintage cars, one of which is a 1931 Ford A Model slant windscreen town sedan and while I canít afford a collection of HSVs, Iím sure my son, who happens to be a mate of Boomerís, would be just as appreciative of having me still around to share his life.