Burt Kuran, via email

Just on your Final Nine article in June’s issue, you left out a Toyota. Yes, the Celica GT-4! As for the Mitsubishi VR-4, the Aussie version had 148kW and no active suspension (unless you consider fully independent as active).

It did, however, have four-wheel steering highlighted by its side decals. I know because I had one for 20 years, with close to 250,000km when I sold it.

For its time it was a great car. It was very practical as a family car, economical considering its performance, rode well, but maybe a bit too much understeer. It was also very expensive to buy, in 1990 it was over $40K but had the lot of kit for the early 90s.

The engine, gearbox and turbo remained in fantastic condition after 250,000km which is a tribute to Mitsubishi’s engineering in these areas. I have never looked back on all-paw sedans after the VR-4.

I then moved to a WRX STi, before a Liberty 3.0-litre, and now a 2011 Audi S4.

The S4 is outstanding and the current model has got even better judging by your four-sedan comparison in June’s mag. The technology progression over the years has made all-wheel drive sedans the way to travel. They can handle any road surface which is what you need whether you are young, a family person, or a senior.