Cool Kit

Lamborghini mug $37

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Lamborghini mug $37

Made in Italy. Ceramic.

Comes in a gift box and is one way to increase your car cred at the offi ce.

Hublot MP-09 Tourbillon $211,000

Water resistant to 30m, just 20 being built, you wonít be able to take your eyes off this 49mm Hublot watch... so that nobody nicks it.

Momo wheel $529 mo 29 om.

Momo has fused old school cool with a high-tech infl uence with its Prototipo 6c wheel with Ďrealí carbon-fi bre wrapped spokes.

Cold air intake $795

Racingline Performance has made one stealthy cold air intake. Suits VWís EA888 and supports up to 441kW of air fl ow.

Hankook tyre $145*

Hankookís Ventus S1 Evo2 took home two podiums at MOTORís fi ts everything from 16- to 19-inch wheels. atMOTORís Tyre Test, and *205/60R16

Shoshinsha freshener fres $2 hop.

We use P-plates, Japanís provisional licence drivers display the shoshinsha.

Now on a smell card. e ovisional

Interlagos tee $42

The Interlagos track gifted Ayrton Senna his third F1 title in 1991 on native soil.

This shirt is a nod to the corner named after him.