9 Ed’s Letter

What to think about the NG Commodore VXR?

10 The News

Hyundai reveals i30 N; Holden drops SS badge for Euro VXR

18 The Vent

It’s cheaper than a therapist, so tell us how you feel

20 Sweet Dream

A Mazda6 to carry the kids to school and carve up an apex

116 Geek Speak

How modular engines work and who’s doing it

118 Cool Kit

Splash some cash on this tasty stash

120 Garage

The 86 settles in while we welcome a special M140i

124 New vs Used

A German and an Italian go topless – which do you pick?

125 Chart Attack

Luxury German four-door sedans buck sales trend

127 Columns

Keen ponders dirt roads; Morley keeps his dunny mags

131 Hot Source

More facts and fi gures than a Weight Watchers meeting

146 Hero Worship

Made for the forest, the Cossie was a sign of things to come