Mark Gow, via email

What happens when the moment you have been waiting for finally arrives? Your kids have finished school and are all driving, school fees are over and you actually have some money in your pocket. This has just happened in our family recently with four children now entering the adult world. Don’t even start me on the process of finding four cars that fit each child’s ‘style’ and our ‘safety’ requirements.

What do you do when this time actually arrives? You go out and buy a new Mustang, of course. American muscle that you know should probably offer more for the price, but every time you start it up it puts a smile on your face. This has created a lifestyle change for me. Friends now ask me “did you bring the Mustang?”, “How is the Mustang going?”,

“What does it go like – is it fast?” People now look and stare at you as you drive past.

I have entered a new world that I never knew existed. I now know about places such as CJ Pony Parts, Blue Oval Industries, Steeda, American Muscle and Mustang Motorsport. I am now researching which mods are the best for the car and which ones to start with in the quest for improvement.

However, I do still think our local Falcon and Holden was a better built product at the end of the day. Pity we won’t see that continued tribalism across the country any more dividing us into Blue Oval or Red Lion supporters, worn like a badge of honour.

The Mustang is a work in progress. I have started with cosmetic things like LED lights, a GT350 steering wheel and the stripes. Next things to look at are the suspension, brakes, exhaust and cold air intake to really take the car to the next level.

Great to hear you’re having a blast in the ’Stang, Mark. You’re certainly not alone with your praise for the iconic coupe. Stay tuned for next month’s issue of MOTOR as we have a plethora of beefed-up Pony cars on track to see what’s what.