Gordon Batt , via email

That we’re not all the same has to be a good thing, including with cars. Personally I can’t fathom why anyone would bother to restore an Austin A30/40, but people do. Others also hide away their classic car without driving it, which I also don’t comprehend. And the reverence being accorded to some ‘one-off’ builds leaves me similarly perplexed.

I think of the E46 M3 “CSL’s” $60K (40 per cent) cost premium versus my nearly-asfast ‘standard/individual’ M3 bought at the time. And the VS GTS-R, which has received publicity recently, including in MOTOR. Again, at the time I purchased a ‘standard’ GTS (later supercharged, then stolen, then replaced) and while I don’t recall the price differential, I do recall dealers had to construct a dedicated showroom for this puke-yellow ‘Plymouth Super-bird’ clone.

They still couldn’t sell them despite only 75 built for Australia. So for this ugly duckling to now be talked of as a ‘classic’ boggles my mind (as do Walkinshaws etc.), but then we’re all different aren’t we?

A quick look at the prices being commanded for VS GTS-Rs, Gordon, proves that to many it’s a sought-after Aussie muscle machine!