The power. The passion.

46 Family Aff air

Not every Holden Commodore has been great in its 39-year lifespan, but these 10 sure were. We gather the icons together for one last blast

68 Meet Mr. Commodore

Holdenís lead dynamics engineer, Rob Trubiani, explains why youíll want to drive the new ZB Commodore, then we have a turn

The ĎOtherí Holdens

77 Football, Meat Pies, Kangaroos and Holden Cars... We pick the five best products from the General not to wear a Commodore badge

88 Enter The Red Zone

One of Holdenís most influential drivers and figureheads, Mark Skaife, opens up about racing and road cars

102 Gran Turismo

Rarer than henís teeth and faster than bats out of hell, Nismoís 400R and R-tune are ultimate GT-Rs


Jeep GC Trackhawk Kia Stinger GT HSV GTSR Nissan 370Z Nismo Mini Countryman JCW Audi S5 Cabriolet Genesis G70


Itís the end of an era as we celebrate the Aussie Commodore