Liam Hudson-O’Farrell, via Facebook

I JUST just wanted to say my bit about Holden wrapping up local manufacturing before it’s too late.

I’ve been a Holden fan since I was born – so much so that the very first car I was ever a passenger in was a VS II Acclaim. All of my family has owned Holdens (well, bar one – and there’s a very good reason he lives away from everyone else).

I’m only 16, so I will never get the chance to drive a brand-new, Aussie-made Commodore home from the dealership.

I wasted away seven to 10 hours in front of the television every year watching Holdens win Bathurst (almost every time) and desperately wanting to know what it would be like to drive one. I guess that will never happen now.

On the upside, if Walkinshaw is going to do right-hook Camaros, then I suppose that’s a fair trade. But we all know Aussies make better meat pies.