Paul Rock Freestone, via Facebook

I grew up in Kallangur, Queensland, not far from Lakeside Raceway. I got to hang out in the í70s with most of Holdenís drivers when they visited for racing or testing.

I grew up in an EH Holden family, my dad had a hotted-up ute like a street machine; mum had a warmed-up sedan.

Dad was involved in a local early Holden club (FX to EH), so there were regular meetings, runs and shows. I loved it.

I bought my first Holden, an FC wagon in 1982, when I was 14. I pulled it apart and rebuilt it myself, so it was all mine when I got my licence. Since then I have owned many V8 Holdens, from a 1975 HJ Premier 4.2 I bought in 1986 to my current manual VF Series II SS-V Redline with a Harrop 375 kit and Simmons wheels.

In terms of Commodores, my first was a VN 5.0-litre BT1 that I purchased at an auction in 1990. I traded it for a new VR SS in 1994. I sold it for a new VY Series II SS Crewman in 2003 before selling it to buy a new VE 6.0- litre Berlina in 2006.

I sold it for a VE Series II SS-V Redline Sportswagon in 2011. I sold it for my aforementioned, and last, new Commodore, the VF Series II SS-V Redline sedan.

I am not happy that it will be my last new car and my last V8 Holden. Looks like Iíll be driving it until either it dies or I do.