Ryan Campbell, via Facebook

Sadly, not every story has an altogether happy ending. But this is the tale of my first (of many) Aussie-built Holdens. It was actually my first car, which I bought for $3800 and had slightly more than 200,000km on the clock.

It was a 1997 VT Acclaim, first purchased on Christmas Eve in 1997 as a company car for BHP in Newcastle.

It passed through many hands over the years before it came to me.

Iíd only held my licence for 40 hours before the police found me ďtesting rear-end gripĒ, shall we say. Very lucky to only get a warning for that one...

When I needed a place to think, a long drive always cleared the head. When I disagreed with family, I could always sleep in the boot of the wagon and it made the pilgrimage to Mount Panorama with me.

However, all good things come to an end. I stupidly got in the car and drove while I was angry. To be fair, I feel I won the fight Ė Iím still here, and the power pole I collected had to be replaced. Just a shame that my car was collateral damage in the process.

Iíve owned four more Commodores in the years since, but you never forget your first.