John ĎHachi Rokuí Smith, via Facebook

Since its inception Iíve always been particularly interesting in Bang For Your Bucks. However, Iíve been pondering something since 2012.

I own a MY13 Toyota 86 and I replaced the standard tyres with very aggressive street ones within the first few months of ownership. The difference was incredible compared to how it was delivered to me from the factory.

Iím Queensland based and a lot of guys up here use their 86 on track with only tyre, brake pad and fluid upgrades, yet manage to post impressive times. Iím sure you guys at MOTOR have wondered how an 86 would compare at BFYB with good rubber?

Hankook RS3/4, Federal RSRR or AD08R might be a bit far, but what about good sports tyres like the PS4 or RE003?

As people who read your magazine are those who would likely use these as replacements, it would most likely, ahem, grip the entire nation. Luffy would love it!

Itís an interesting concept, John. However, Bang For Your Bucks is all about testing cars as they come from the factory, so unfortunately your idea doesnít quite fit.