Cool Kit

Stuff We Want

McLaren M23 print

$38 The M23 gave James Hunt his fi rst and only F1 driverís gong and McLaren its fourth constructorís title.

Itís honoured here in post- Japan GP glory.

Audi duff el bag

$481 With lashings of leather, Alcantara, and red straps, Audiís Weekender will feel like an RS3 interior around your shoulder.

HSV shirt

$40 Clamp down on bad style with HSVís new tee. Displays a monoblock caliper in all its six-piston glory.

Indy steering wheel

$349 MOMOís Indy Heritage steering wheel joins its range, measuring 350mm in diameter and 37mm deep.

Gears clock

$157 Auto-artist Steven Shaver hand picks gears and chains to bring you this clock. Made in California.

Mini Mk 1 Escort

$3 A scaled down version of Frank Gardnerís world beating Ford Escort.

Comes with a model-car subscription.

Project Cars 2

$90 Following the famed original, Project Cars 2 refi nes the car-sim, boosting physics and weather features. On PC, Xbox and PlayStation.