Mystery 86 concept

Toyota previews future sports cars, but details are thin

LOOK beyond the mutated 86 styling, which Toyota says is reminiscent of its TS050 LMP1 car, and you’re potentially looking at the sports car of the next decade.

Making its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, the GR HV Sports Concept (Gazoo Racing Hybrid Vehicle) “represents a new way to enjoy cars by integrating the thrill of a sports car with the environmental friendliness of an eco-car” according to Toyota.

Technical details are frustratingly scarce, with no mention of engine specification, power, torque or weight figures and performance claims, however, there are enough snippets to attempt some speculation as to what’s going on underneath that matte black bodywork, which Toyota claims “expresses power and aggressiveness”.

The space constraints of the 86 packaging suggest the standard 2.0-litre flat-four remains under the bonnet, however, Toyota says the GR HV uses a hybrid system similar to that found in the TS050, which uses an MGU-K (motor-generatorunit- kinetic) on each axle to recover energy that it then stores in lithiumion batteries. In the GR HV that battery is located where the rear seats are in a standard 86.

Transmission choice is also unusual, with Toyota claiming a six-speed H-pattern automatic transmission. The traditional automatic selections (Park, Reverse, Drive) are handled by buttons on the centre console, while selecting Manual allows drivers to change gears manual-style but without using the clutch. Again, technical details are scarce.

At the moment it’s just a concept, but the GR HV may point towards a future powertrain solution for the forthcoming Supra. – SN