AUSSIE ex-pats in the UK had the chance to buy themselves a slice of Oz in this 2003 FPV GT.

Up for sale on eBay, the vehicle was imported into Britain by a Ford technician with almost 160,000km on its clock. Despite its rarity in Old Blighty, the orange and black FPV sold for just 6,850 British pounds, or roughly AUD$11,570. That was even despite having most of its suspension bits replaced – and its 5.4-litre V8 warmed over by way of an induction kit, exhaust, and computer chip. The price is much cheaper than what an equivalent car would fetch in Oz.


YOU CAN fang Porsches and forget about registering, repairing, or even cleaning them thanks to Porsche America’s new Passport program. Set up with Clutch Technologies, a software platform company, the service grants members on-demand access to fleets with unrestricted mileage. You’ll need to stump up a one-off $500 fee before paying an on-going monthly cost of $2000 for access to eight cars including 718s, Macans, and Cayennes; or $3000 for access to 911s, Panameras, and GTS variants. Unfortunately, it’s currently only available in Georgia, Atlanta.