Cayman EV revealed

Battery-powered Porsche a Mission-E test bed

PORSCHE’s quickest Cayman won’t see production. That’s because it is a prototype built to test and develop electric-vehicle running gear destined for the Mission E, the brand’s Tesla-frightener that will debut in 2019.

Unveiled at the 30th Electric Vehicle Symposium in Stuttgart in early October, the ‘Cayman e-volution research vehicle’ showcased a high-voltage electric system capable of accelerating the Cayman to 100km/h in 3.3 seconds.

Along with the fearsome, but somewhat expected, performance, the new ‘turbo charging’ technology also boasts 800-volt charging ability. It’s reported it can charge at 320kW worth of capacity.

As a result, Porsche promises the 2019 Mission E will be able to replenish 80 per cent of its battery charge in just 15 minutes, resulting in 400km of range. Or double the Cayman prototype’s full range of just 200km.

Porsche is developing the fastcharge technology with other brands, like Audi, Ford, BMW and Daimler. They’re working towards a Europe-wide charger network.