BRIT JANN Mardenborough secured a factory Nissan racing contract by being amazing at Gran Turismo and the GT Academy graduate recently returned to his roots by piloting a remote control Nissan GT-R around Silverstone’s National Circuit.

The 2011 GT-R, the same year Mardenborough won GT Academy, had been converted to be operated by a standard PlayStation 4 controller, while Mardenborough followed the car in a low-flying helicopter, setting a fastest lap of 1min17.47sec at an average speed of 122km/h, topping out at an impressive 211km/h.

With a human at the wheel, the GT-R managed a lap time of around 1min9sec at an average of 134km/h.

The stunt was performed to coincide with the release of the new Gran Turismo Sport game and to celebrate 20 years of Nissan’s involvement with the Gran Turismo franchise. – SN