Darin, via Facebook

BEING AN all-wheel drive fan (you mean there are cars out there that only drive the front wheels!?) and a Fordie from wayback I really love the idea of the Focus RS. But $50K-plus is a bit steep for me. As for the manual, forget it. I drove enough of ’em in my younger days.

So how about a slightly softer ‘S’ version?

Forget about wings and drift modes, keep the all-wheel drive, give it say 230kW, an auto or dual clutch and maybe a smaller section tyre. Price it around $38K-$40K and I reckon they wouldn’t be able to build enough of them. What about it, Ford?

We are picking up what you’re putting down, Darin. A sort of, Golf GTI Performance equivalent? Use the wheels, engine, and seats from the Focus ST, ditch the adaptive dampers, keep allwheel drive, and develop the Mondeo’s automatic. Don’t be surprised if you see this one in Sweet Dream soon. It would be a good way for Ford to soothe the pain after cancelling the manic RS500.