David Nelson, via Facebook

Hi MOTOR. I just received my subscription and tore open the plastic to find a proper article on the new Civic Type R. While Iíve keenly read many snippets, this is the first in-depth drive story Iíve read. Well done Louis Cordony on a great read. Like the author, I also have an original Integra Type R in the garage (now a weekend toy), and may well be in the market for the new generation as a family car once the current lease is up.

However, I was devastated to have to strike it off the shortlist upon reading that (unlike the cooking model Civics), it would only be arriving on our shores in four-seat configuration. As a father of three adorable kidlets, anything less than a full three-seat rear bench is unfortunately off the shopping list.

Your spec sheet at the end of the article refers to a ď5 door, 5-seatĒ configuration.

Please MOTOR, tell me itís true!

Unfortunately itís not, Paul. Our fingers slipped while typing the specs box. Your dilemma is something that went relatively unnoticed during the launchís fanfare.

Moving the fuel tank rearwards for better weight distribution compromised its rear seating arrangement. Honda had to ditch its magic-seats. But went after the fifth pew for weight savings, weíre told. Either way, weíre sorry!