Neil Brotherton, via Facebook

I have been a Modern Motor/MOTOR reader for 50 years. Along with Wheels it is my favourite mag for telling it how it is. Interesting more than 6000 punters have spent good money for a car that has a two-star ANCAP safety rating. I thought this was the domain of dodgy Chinese imports! We know, like most yank cars, the interiors are very ordinary. But what type of company is so cheap it fails to move the handbrake location to the correct position for right-hand drive?

I have some thoughts on your Mustang Hot Tuner shootout, too. Three of the cars, or a third of the field, had major mechanical problems. The most illuminating statement about one of the failures was the Harrop GT seemed to have bearing failure caused by oil surge from a sump not up to the task! And a poor punter would pay $70,000 for this disaster? We know cars like these are on the cutting edge when it comes to power delivery.

However, after reading the test I would loathe to spend big bucks out of my own pocket on modified cars when the donor car can only get a two-star ANCAP safety rating.