Paul Hamilton, via email

I read your review on the HSV GTSR and thoroughly agree about the brakes. They seem to have much more power and better feel than previous car, and the ride quality is amazing in Sport mode. This is my eighth HSV, and Iíve always been amazed with the power-down ability, but the Gen Fs are better again. Yeah, the petrol thingís a bit of an issue, around town itís appalling, but on a recent trip to Echuca, I averaged 12 litres per 100 clicks. (Honestly officer, I hardly ever exceeded 100km/h).

Although the LSA is only 5kW up, it feels to me to be a bit more lively, given itís nowhere near run in yet. I went auto this time, after I experienced the paddle shifters during an HSV Ice Drive event, and was impressed. So far Iím loving the whole combo, fantastic styling and great interior. This will be a keeper, as I canít imagine any future American-made car to be anywhere near the quality of the HSV/GM Australia product. And for $125K on-road there is simply no comparable Euro considering size, comfort, and performance.