Michael Cirson, via email

I came across your online article, “Turnbull Blames Australians for Holden, Toyota closures”. I would have liked to comment online, but the functionality has been turned off. So here I am.

Successive Federal, State and Local Governments of every persuasion, including minor and balance-of-power parties, have contributed to the closure of the Australian vehicle manufacturing industry. And with it likely goes supply line producers that made parts for both the vehicle industry and other industries – such as medical supplies, textiles, furniture, glass, robotics, rubber and plastics, and a great many more.

Other countries like the USA, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, UK, Mexico, China, Thailand, all provide significant subsidies to their vehicle manufacturers. In 2013, Australia was subsidising at the rate of $18 per head of population. Research suggested that equated to a return of $934 per person. Meanwhile, the USA supports itself at $96 per head of population and Germany pays $90 per person.

R.I.P Australian manufacturing.