Paul Freestone, via Facebook

Enjoying the Holden tribute issue magazine guys. Well done thus far (Iím up to page 83). Was a bit of a buzz to see my treasured and much loved VFII Commodore in your magazine, too, especially in such a historically significant edition (my MOTOR and Wheels collection goes back to the mid-í60s). Just wanted to highlight a possible error in p83.

Iím pretty sure the triple carbs on the engine bay pic are SUs not Strombergs (which, to my knowledge, were down draught carbs).

The triple SU combo was very popular on both grey motors (using a Repco cross-flow cylinder head) and the red motor. My dad was tempted to fit them on his very warm 192ci red motor in his EH ute, but went for the double Strombergs on a Holden X2 manifold.

No worries, Paul. Love the magazine collection you have going. And now maybeís a time it can be put to good use.

The XU-1 was fitted with triple Stromberg carbies, sucking side-draught.

Short of sticking your head under an XU-1 for proof, check Modern Motor in April 1972, page 62. We reported so in our first test drive! Thereís an inset picture with caption of them on the bottom left.

Appreciate the note, though.