Range Rover SV Autobiography

A super luxurious SUV with a dirty big blown V8


ENGINE 4999cc V8, DOHC, 32v, supercharged / POWER 405kW @ 6000rpm / TORQUE 680Nm @ 2500-5000rpm / WEIGHT 2465kg / 0-100KM/H 5.5sec (claimed) / PRICE $316,000 IF YOU had to imagine your dream Range Rover, it would surely look something like the SV Autobiography.

Everything thrown at the interior luxury-wise and, under the bonnet, one of the shining stars of the Jaguar- Land Rover universe, the 5.0-litre supercharged V8 from the F-Type cranking out 405kW and 680Nm.

Welcome to the SV Autobiography Dynamic, the fastest, most powerful and, at $316,000, most expensive Range Rover ever produced.

Approaching the boxy, deep purple test vehicle, with 22-inch wheels and looking behemoth-like, there are few cars with as much presence as this one. Set the air suspension on the lowest setting for a menacing, almost tall-wagon look; or jack it right up for a donít-mess-with-me attitude. Either way, this is a car other road users will be eager to get out of the way of.

The interior, meanwhile, you will want to sit in just for sittingís sake. Itís beautiful, although thatís mostly down to the leathers than anything else. The diamond-stitched seats are cool, and every surface you touch feels like the most expensive and luxurious leather you can get. Unfortunately, there is a certain something about the Range Roverís interior that doesnít match up to its price tag. Is it the way the buttons feel? Or the way the graphics on the LCD screens look? Itís hard to put your finger on, but jump from a Bentley Bentayga to a Range Rover and you might get what we mean. Although thatís still like saying, the Hilton isnít quite as nice as the Sheraton.

Sitting up high, the ride is also blissful, completely wafty at 100km/h, like youíre suspended on a cloud.

Although we suspect it might quickly get uncomfortable if the surface conditions got Ďchallengingí.

Of course, this is a rapid car when you open the taps, bolting up freeway on-ramps like a scalded grizzly bear.

Although its acceleration does feel somewhat hamstrung by the weight Ė 405kW and 680Nm arenít quite as much when theyíve got 2465kg to shift.

Fortunately thereís a mean V8 burble, even if itís not quite as loud, sinful or anti-social as some of its SVR siblings.

For all its grunt and decent brakes, you will laugh out loud at its handling.

Even with electromechanical antiroll bars, itís Bodyroll Central, the car moving through long and exaggerated arcs Ė with also some pretty funny squat and dive Ė necessitating some considered inputs when driving fast.

There is a lot of weight moving about.

Is this a performance car? It was made by the same boffins who brought us unhinged maniacal cars like the F-Type SVR. But the Range Rover SV Autobiography Dynamic misses out on the ĎRí at the end of ĎSVí, possibly because itís a big, luxury SUV with a great lump of supercharged V8 Ė as in, not a precise driving device. Youíd certainly never describe it as a giant hot hatch, like you might a BMW X5M.

Itís just a nice car with a nice engine. M


Look at it; listen to it; sit in it


We prefer driving it slowly; it costs how much?