9 Edís Letter

When car company execs are petrolheads, everyone wins

10 The News

Aston reveals V8 Vantage; 563kW Corvette ZR1 debuts

18 The Vent

We rant every month, so why donít you do the same?

20 Sweet Dream

Missing a rear-drive V8 sedan?

Korea could have the answer

116 Geek Speak

Need bank-vault security and stretch-out luxury?

118 Cool Kit

Everything your car-loving mates will want for Christmas

120 Garage

We welcome the Lexus RC F and ponder its new looks

122 New vs Used

Two Euro all-wheel drive hot hatches fi ght for supremacy

123 Chart Attack

McLaren eyes sales record thanks to Big Mac 720S

125 Columns

Video games, electric racing and self-balancing bikes

131 Hot Source

More car facts and fi gures than you can poke a stick at

146 Hero Worship

Camaro ZL-1 was Chevroletís dealer-approved drag hero