Bentleyís new GT3

Latest Continental GT gets the racecar treatment

THOSE who laughed at the Continentalís chances in GT3 must be quiet now. The big Bentley racer has earned a second-generation.

The updated race car times its arrival with the incoming all-new road car on which itís based. Its core mechanicals havenít much changed, with the Volkswagen Audi Groupís 4.0-litre hot-vee V8 remaining, married to a spec transaxle drivetrain.

Power also stays pegged at around 404kW thanks to race regulated outputs, however, the dry-sump oil systemís been updated along with the induction and exhaust to improve fuel consumption at endurance races.

A new platform has allowed engineers to slash weight under 1300kg and better the previous carís 52/48 front-to-rear weight distribution. Aerodynamics have also been refined, with a changed aero package and look.

The car will still be built by English motorsport firm M-Sport in England and make its first competitive appearance at the Blancpain GT Endurance Cup in Monza next April.