ON A closed highway this November in Nevada, USA, the Koenigsegg Agera RS took the record for the fastest production car, breaking numerous other records in the process.

Its two-way average speed of 446.97km/h set a new benchmark, test driver Niklas Lilja topping out at 457.49km/h in one direction – the fastest ever speed recorded on a public road.

In the process it also set new records for the highest average speeds for the flying kilometre (445.54km/h) and flying mile (444.66km/h), the former breaking Mercedes-Benz’s 80-year-old mark.

Koenigsegg also smashed its own 0-400-0km/h effort, shaving a further 3.15sec off to record a scarcely believeable 33.29sec, besting the Bugatti Chiron by more than 6sec.

The records were all set using a US customer’s Agera RS, optioned with the upgraded 1000kW engine, and on the standard Michelin tyres.