Steve Johnson, via email

In response to the ĎMY SORT OF FOCUSí and ĎMUSTANG SILLYí letters in Decemberís edition of MOTOR, Iíd like to add a few comments. My cars at the moment are a Nitrous Blue Focus RS and a white GT Mustang, to my mind a perfect combination for anyone who enjoys driving.

The Focus is an incredible driverís car, and rates in the top three of all the cars and motorbikes Iíve owned over the years. For around $50k, itís an absolute steal Ė around half the price of a BMW M2 and more fun to drive. Of course, thatís just my opinion.

The Mustang simply makes me smile every time I take it out. With the magnificent noise of the V8 engine, itís even enjoyable driving around in traffic.

At 72 years of age Iím neither too old or too young to consider driving a car with an automatic gearbox of any description, nor would I want auto-blipping to spoil the pleasure of proper heel-and-toeing. The gearboxes of both cars are a delight to use, though completely different in feel and speed. For all those detractors out there, I suggest they drive both of these incredible vehicles before simply repeating what they may have read in the press.

Oh, and just in case anyone thinks I have a bias towards Ford, I have also owned my fair share of Holdens, including one of the first SLR 5000 Toranas to come off the line and four V8 Commodores (one Group 3 SS and three Group A ĎBrockiesí).

Youíre undoubtedly the coolest 72-yearold weíve ever heard of, Steve!