Ray, via Email

Even though I don’t have a lot of ‘red’ in my veins and, for a number of reasons, never thought as highly of the so-called ‘Peter Perfect’ as others do, I really enjoyed David Morley’s reminiscences of the 39 years of Commodore and his (your) pick of the 10 most influential versions.

I did own one Commodore though, a VS Series II, ex-police car which a mate had ‘fixed’ up for me. It had the GTS-R, 5.7-litre stoker motor transplanted from a wrecked one, together with worked heads, cam, shift kit and three-inch cat-back exhaust. He beefed up the brakes and suspension as well and it was my daily driver for work (which included two mountains and a Valley). Did 200,000km in it, but thought I should sell it before I killed myself. Excellent edition.