Tim Snowden, via email

Who has that much time on their hands to complain about a Lexus LC500 ad in which the car is perceived to be ‘speeding’ with ‘rapid acceleration’? Or is the joke that the Advertising Standards Bureau (ABS) banned it – for a second time.

I seriously doubt that someone willing to put down $200K for a luxury Lexus is going to be inspired to ‘hoon’ their GT-car after seeing this ad. It’s political correctness gone mad. Next we won’t be able to have ads for motorsport on TV because it’ll make people go out and fang their cars on the streets.

This is the Nanny nation at its finest. Soon car companies will only be able to say the car has Bluetooth or satnav while pointing to a static car in a showroom.

Of course there needs to be cause for concern regarding street racing and behaviour that should be reserved for the track, but to not be able to advertise the passion and capabilities of a performance car is crazy.

The days of seeing a Holden Ute drifting on dirt (Thunderstruck) are, sadly, long gone.