9 Ed’s Letter

On HSV and the future of homegrown performance

10 The News

McLaren unleashes trackhoned Senna; Urus uncovered

18 The Vent

We rant every month, so why don’t you do the same?

20 Sweet Dream

If HSV ever gets its hands on the new ZB Commodore...

114 Geek Speak

How a racetrack is born; The Bend Motorsport Park detailed

116 Cool Kit

Enough gear to make your credit card sweat

118 Garage

Ford’s Focus RS LE debuts, the Lexus opens its doors

122 New vs Used

Six-cylinder heroes of very different vintages

123 Chart Attack

We put the spotlight on the hot-hatch sales race

125 Columns

Keen outs big oil, Morley on good & bad, Foges for Whincup

131 Hot Source

Serving up fast car facts in neat and tidy ways

146 Hero Worship

This steed had the speed but lacked the right price