Nektis Parissis, via Facebook

Reading your story in the December issue about the Testarossa, Countach and 911 Turbo had me thinking I had hitched a ride in a time-travelling Delorean that had been boosted by 1.21 gigawatts.

It got me reminiscing about my younger days and wondering about today’s youth.

Back in the ’80s I had several posters of Lamborghini Countachs on my bedroom walls (amongst the Madonna posters). And I was one of the kids in school that also had a picture of a Countach on the front of one school folder and a Testarossa on another folder. I was so cool – or so I thought.

I used to look at my car posters on my walls and on my folders in class and used those images as inspiration that, if I studied hard and got a good job, I too could maybe have a Lamborghini or Ferrari one day. What do the kids of today use as inspiration to study hard and keep out of strife? It doesn’t seem like it’s car posters.

As for me, well, I did work hard and study hard. But it didn’t get me a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Madonna for that matter. Oh well, there’s always the next life, right?