Brian Wood, via email

Well done Mr Morley! You nailed it in the December issue of MOTOR. The Holden Commodore-badged Opel Insignia is effectively in run-out mode before it arrives in the showrooms!

As we now know, PSA will be rushing to replace GM platforms at Opel with an intention to do so ‘by 2024’. So should one be tempted to buy a ZB Commodore next year? By the time it comes to trading it in the market will be fully aware it is to be soon discontinued. Now there’s a challenge for Holden and its dealers. Especially when considering the glacial pace with which GM undertake product planning. Or is it?

Both the USA and China manufacture the Insignia twin, the Buick Regal and the Americans are also slotting in the V6. Surely some swift (by GM standards) negotiations could prepare an alternative source of Commodores in good time for the inevitable cessation of German production? Assuming, of course, the Yanks and/or Chinese could be convinced to slide the steering wheel over to the right side of the car...