Toe to Toe

Lining up those big boots on the W1


ear e . width HSVís literally re-engineered the GTSR from the ground up to create the W1.

As we learnt during our time on the floor, the carís wider footprint sports unique camber and toe settings with a much stricter tolerance on how much they vary.

With those Pirellis generating so much more drag on surfaces, the W1 is given more positive toe.

Front camber is identical between the two cars. But while the rear camber on the GTSR accepts a variance, the W1ís are strictly locked.

Every car is aligned on laser-based wheel alignment technology that takes two people 20 minutes. The only challenge for the W1 is finding somewhere for the clamps to dig into the Pirellis. End-of-line inspectors will try to feel any error during their sign off drive.

Once done, the W1ís dampers are blocked so it doesnít bottom out during shipping.